[Referendum: 125] [Status: Passed] New Registrar proposal: Registrar #1

It was the same story on Kusama. NOW I get why you complained about the price :grinning:
It should now look more realistic.

Hey @chevdor - the link in the description on Polkassembly for Moonriver back to the forum doesn’t seem to work.

Can you update it please?


Indeed, the forum post was relocated and the old link no longer worked, this is now fixed for moonriver and I will check moonbeam in a sec. Thanks for the ping.

As a heads up, the fee is set to a crazy high number on Moonriver right now.
This is no mistake this time and I set such a fee for now to “disable” the registrar until everything is setup and ready.


Maybe if this proposals gets first released on the moonriver…

the vote for the proposal on Moonriver was passed

and this is already being implemented on Moonriver, here is a recent update from the proposer:

the vote for this proposal on Moonbeam is still ongoing -