Preparing the RT2300 scope

Dear Community members,

We are excited to engage with you on the RT2300 scope definition for Moonriver and Moonbeam deployments, which are subject to the Community approval and currently anticipated to land in April/May.

Here are some of the key new features:

  • Mandatory Upgrade for all networks to Substrate v0.9.38

For Moonbeam only:

For Moonriver only:

  • ERC20 XCM enabled assets: Facilitates seamless transfer of ERC20 tokens across the broader parachain ecosystem by simplifying the process for users and developers.
    More info in the discussion post.

  • Adjustments on the Minimum stake required to become a collator/candidate requirements. More info in the discussion post.

  • Remote EVM execution : Enables smart contract developers to make their Dapps accessible to anyone in the Kusama ecosystem. More info in the discussion post

For Moonbase only:

  • New precompile to check active Precompiles: Allow for checking which precompiles are available and detecting when precompiles are phased-out. More info in the discussion post
  • GMP Precompile for Transfers with Payload: Increases the reach and impact of the Moonbeam ecosystem by enabling seamless interoperability with other blockchains. More information will be shared in a dedicated Forum post.

As a Community member, feel free to share your feedback or ask questions in the comment section below. We value your input as we continue to refine the RT2300 feature list.


I really like how the project continues to develop

We’re excited to update you on the latest developments for the RT2300, following the recent vote on Moonriver. In light of the consensus reached by our community, we are adding the following changes to the RT2300 scope:

  • MinCollatorStk (Minimum stake required to become a collator) has been increased from 1,000 MOVR to 10,000 MOVR.
  • MinCandidateStk (Minimum stake required to be reserved to be a candidate) has been raised from 500 MOVR to 10,000 MOVR.

These adjustments were made in response to the community’s feedback and are aimed at enhancing the overall security and stability of the network. We appreciate your continued support and input as we work together to improve and grow our platform.